Focus on Biodiversity

Our focus topic for 2024 is Biodiversity. We want to give the topic the attention it deserves, since alongside the climate crisis, the drastic decline in biodiversity is now a very real and present threat to our existence – for both people and the planet.  


“The climate crisis will decide how we live in the future. The biodiversity crisis will determine whether we survive.” – Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese


This is not about pitting the crises against each other. On the contrary: climate and biodiversity are closely linked. As the basis for our life on this earth, biological diversity is a topic that concerns us all. From urban planning to construction and business supply chains, in our consumer behaviour, agriculture and land use, or in tackling the climate crisis – biodiversity plays a pivotal role everywhere. With our activities, the Joint Action for Sustainable Development wants to make practical solutions come alive. We are providing How-to guides to get you started on actively supporting biodiversity with your particular organisation, initiative, municipality or company. Take a look for yourself, drop by Joint Action events and get networking on the Marketplace, where you can share your offerings, materials or best-practice examples on the subject. Let’s come together to highlight the topic of biodiversity in all its facets and take a stand for its regeneration!